Best home workout for skinny people to build muscles – No equipment required

If you want to build muscles, but have no gym membership or your schedule is too busy that you cannot go to gym. Don’t worry this home workout will help you build muscles and strength at home by doing the body weight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats etc. In body weight workout you use your weight of body as resistance . It will burn calories, increase your metabolism rate and get you in shape.

Lets start with our first exercise


The most simple and effective home workout for upper body. You can exercise your multiple muscles in one exercise. Different types of push-up target your different muscles like wide grip push-ups target your chest and close grip push-up target your triceps muscle.

For beginners    :     3   SETS    10-12  REPS

For old timer      :     3   SETS    25-30 REPS


push ups, home workout
how to do push ups 




It is one of the most important exercise that is best for home workout. You only need a bar that can support your weight to do this exercise. This exercise targets your back, biceps and forearms. It can be really hard for beginners so they can take help from someone to lift them.

Place your arms on the bar facing away from you and start lifting your body with your arms then repeat it.

For beginners     :    3 SETS of  5-6 REPS

For old timers     :   3 SETS of 12 REPS

how to perform pull ups, home workout
pull ups



It is a super effective exercise that will help you to lose weight and get toned. It is a compound movement exercise that works on your hips, knees and back.

To perform Squats

Stand straight with your chest held up and out and your feet slightly wider than your hips .

Sit up and down like you are sitting in a chair such that your butt and legs should be perpendicular  to each other


how to do squats, home workout

For beginners     :    3 SETS of  20 REPS

For old timers     :   3 SETS of 50 REPS or you can add weight on your shoulder for more resistance.


it is an isometric core exercise to strengthen your abs and helps you to lose belly fat. For plank you get into a push-up position and place your elbows under your shoulders at a 90° angle then hold the position for as long as you can.

For perfect plank squeeze your butt and tighten your core  so that it specifically target that muscle group.


plank, home workout

For beginners      :    30 sec for 3 SETS

For old timers     :    it depend on how much time you can hold to the position.

Recommended by us :

Bench Dips

It is one of the most effective exercise for your arms. It targets the triceps muscle of your body. You only need a bench to perform this exercise.

Start with your legs bent and lower yourself until your arms are at 90 degrees,

Then slowly lower your body by bending your elbows.

Inhale as you lower your body towards the floor, and stop once your upper arms are parallel to the floor and then repeat.

For beginners   :    3 SETS of 10-12 REPS

For old timers  :    3 SETS of 20 REPS

how to perform bench dips, home workout
bench dips


Back Extension

The back extension exercise both stretches and strengthens your lower back. Use caution if you have a lower-back problem or experience lower-back pain while performing this exercise.

Lie on your stomach, face down, arms straight out in front of you holding a cloth or rope with two hands.

Pull your hands down while tightening the rope, so that you compress your lats.

how to perform back extension
back extension

For beginners   :    3 SETS of 10-12 REPS

For old timers  :    3 SETS of 20 REPS



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