How to do push up properly at home

Push ups are the most fundamental body weight exercise that not only target your chest but also triceps, shoulder and core muscles.

Push ups are very effective as multiple muscles work at the same time. The movement is simple and can be done anywhere, but most people concentrate on quantity over quality while doing push ups.

how to do push up
push ups

To avoid this and you should concentrate on these point while you do push ups

Arms Position in push ups

For standard push up, place your wrist in nearly vertical line under your shoulders. Your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders.

Most people flare out their elbows while doing push up and this should be avoided. As it put a lot of stress on your shoulder which further can lead to injury.

You can also do different types of push up just by variation of your position of arms.

push ups
position of your arms

Body Position

Push up is not only a chest and triceps exercise, it is full body weight exercise that also includes your abdominal muscles,  hips and legs.

While your hands are in perfect position, keep your body in a straight line. Then squeeze your butt and tighten your core so that you have more body tension.

Many people form an arched back during exercise which reduce tension in hips and your core muscles

push ups
straight back while doing push ups

how to do push ups

Range of Motion

Keep your body in a straight line as you lower your body down until your chest touches the ground. then push the floor and bringing your body back to starting position.

you should not bring your head or hips down to decrease the range of motion.

push ups
range of motion of push ups



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