Best chest workout for skinny men : build bigger chest in 28 days

For building an strong and bigger upper body, the most important and highlighted muscle is your chest . This chest workout will hit your almost all chest muscles and helps you build bigger chest. The thing you should focus on is the form, no matter how much weight you are lifting without the form you will not get he best results.

Before starting your chest workout you should always do warm up first. It will prevent the chances of injury and you will lift heavier weight.

You start with sets of push up or can use light weight dumbell press or fly.

our first exercise is

Bench Press

  • It is the most famous exercise of all the time.
  • Grab the bar with slightly outside shoulder grip.
  • Firmly place your hips on the bench with a slight arch in the lower back that should be of one hand.
  • Now then you are in position, unrack  the bar and lower it to your mid-chest.
  • Then start lifting the bar and repeat the rep again.
bench press for bigger chest
Bench Press,best chest workout


Incline Dumbbell Press

  • This exercise targets your Clavicular Pectoral Major head of the chest
  • Lie on the inclined bench and hold the dumbbell for at the shoulder width
  • Start lifting the dumbbell up from your chest until your arms are straight.


incline dumbbell press
incline dumbbell press, best chest workout


Flat bench Dumbbell Fly

  • This exercise  more focus on your sternal head of chest muscle.
  • Lie on the flat bench and hold the dumbbell up.
  • bend your elbows a little and your palms should be facing each other.
  • Lower the dumbbell until you feel the mild stretch in your chest and then back to starting position
Flat bench Dumbbell Fly, chest exercise
Flat bench Dumbbell Fly, best chest workout

Bar dips for chest

  • You all know bar dips as a triceps exercise but if done in a write way it is one of the most effective exercise for your lower chest.
  • place your hands on a bar with your elbows locking out.
  • lean your body forward and go down as you can.
  • Then lift your body upward.

Cable cross over

  • Stand midway between two pulleys, holding one stirrup in each hand.
  • Place one foot in front of the other for stability, your shoulder blades should be locked backward.
  • Pull the stirrup together until they are positioned in front of your abdomen
Cable cross over
Cable cross over, best chest workout
Cable cross over
Cable cross over

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