Dumbbell Lateral Raises – best exercise for round shoulders

If you’re looking to develop a V-shaped torso then shoulder exercise are an absolute must. You can spend all the time you like working on your pecs, biceps and abs, but if they’re hanging off narrow shoulders your torso won’t look half as impressive.

The dumbbell lateral raise is one of the best exercises for those looking to build shoulders like boulders.

Target Muscles :

Anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid.

Side Lateral Raises - best exercise for round shoulders
Side Lateral Raises

Position :

  • Grasp dumbbells in front of thighs with elbows slightly bent.
  • Keep your shoulder blades backward.
  • Bend over slightly with hips and knees bent slightly.

Execution :

  • Raise your arms out to the sides until your elbows are level with your shoulders.
  • Then slowly lower the arms to its starting position.

Things You need to focus :

  • Your hands should always be lower than your elbows
  • Most people swing back and forth for lifting heavy weight. It put more strain on your spine.
  • Do not lift heavy weight.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises Video :

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