Biceps Concentration Curl : Exercise Video and mistakes

Biceps concentration curl is a great isolation exercise for your biceps. This article which educate you about the right form of this exercise and the most common mistakes people do.

Biceps Concentration Curl
Biceps Concentration Curl






Execution Concentration Curl :

  • Sit down on a flat bench with legs positioned shoulder width apart. Place the dumbbell on the floor, between your legs.
  • Rest the back of your right arm (just above your elbow) against the inside of your right thigh.
  • Rotate your palm so that your hand should face forward. [ Note :  Your hand must fully extend without touching the ground]. 
  •  Lift  the dumbbell in a curling movement while exhale your breath, until it has reached a point of full contraction.  The dumbbell should reach to about shoulder height.
  • Squeeze the dumbbell and hold the dumbbell for a second.
  • Then slowly lower down the dumbbell
  • Repeat the motion.
Starting position for Biceps Concentration Curl
Starting position








Things you need to focus :

  • Do make sure that you arm is resting against your leg. This stabilizes the working arm and allows for better isolation.
  • Do not drop the weight. Lowering dumbbell should take slightly longer time than your lifting it.
  • Avoid using too heavy weight.
  • Do not fully extend your hand as we don’t want to lose the constant tension in biceps.
  • Your little finger should be higher than your thumb while lifting. This will help you fully contract the biceps muscle.

Biceps Concentration Curl :


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